La Meccanica srl ​​wants to pursue the objectives proposed by the 2030 Agenda of the UN General Assembly for sustainable development, supporting projects aimed at concretely countering the consequences of natural disasters linked to these changes and participating in this rebirth.

As part of a company policy that respects the principle of sustainability also in the biomass sector,
La Meccanica Srl has chosen to sustain the VAIA project.

How is the climate changing?

The climate crisis shows no sign of abating, while the global community shuns the full assumption of its responsibilities. The last decade, the hottest on record, has seen the spread of fires, hurricanes, droughts, floods and other natural disasters multiply across all continents.

What are the effects on humans?

High temperatures, often associated with air pollution, can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Excess rainfall and sea-level rise cause floods and floods, favoring the development and transmission of pathologies transmitted by vectors or caused by water contamination. All this to the detriment of every ecosystem.

How can we help solve this problem?

Many companies and investors are committed to reducing their emissions, not only because it is the right thing to do for the health of all of us but also because this has positive implications from an economic and commercial point of view.

VAIA, Action Design

VAIA is a group of young people determined to create a new business model, to go beyond the idea of ​​”sustainable consumption”.
We asked ourselves: “What if producing does not mean impoverishing, but rather restoring the natural resources of an ecosystem?”.
Help us reach the goal of 50,000 trees, buy now!

Forests speak


Stay up to date on the work, events and what is happening in the world. Join the Vaier community without obligation and help restore a future to the destroyed territories.
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